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Sun bathing under the summer sun on lounger  which is durable, comfortable, and easy to move lounger is kind of perfect holiday. CLASSIC SUN LOUNGER will makes you enjoying your lazy days. CLASSIC SUN LUNGER can be set both indoor and outdoor. However, it is best for outdoor. You can place this lounger on terrace, poolside, garden, and beach side.  This lounger is completed by slide-out shelf in which you can put your drink, snack, books, sun-block and so on there. It’s super practical, so you don’t need table to save them anymore.


The back position is so adjustable. If you feel uncomfortable, you can adjust what position you want. The wheels are super easy to roll away as well. You only need to push it, and the wheels will roll away easily. You can also add extra cushion to make you more comfortable .


We use the best teak wood quality with no defects, knots, no white streaks, and no sapwood. No matter what season you have, your CLASSIC SUN LOUNGER will be still in same color. QIRANA guarantees your lounger will stand beautifully and sturdy. 


We also provide DOUBLE CLASSIC SUN LOUNGER. With classic sun lounger, you enjoy your holiday with your friends, partner, sister, and brother. It will be so happy when you can share any stories with your lovable person during your holiday.